Patient Reported Outcomes

Increase response rate with our simple yet effective PRO tool. Accessible across all devices with one simple click.

For the Patients

One click access

We made sure nothing stands between the patient and our measurement tool. There’s no need to dig through messages, navigating complicated menus or trying to recall a forgotten password. It’s just one click away.

Multiple platform

The measurement is available regardless of where the patient is. They can access Ratchet on their tablet while in bed, their computer sitting at home and their phone during clinic visits.

Intelligent follow-up

Ratchet informs patients about upcoming measurement, notifies them when the treatment is due and reminds them when it’s not yet completed.

For the Providers

Built-In Game Mechanics

Built upon principles of game mechanics for increased patient response rates.


Regardless of the treatment and process, Ratchet is built to load tools and be configured to fit your needs.

Flexible data export

We extract collected data in all formats to fit your reporting and documentation needs.

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