But Why Guide Patients?

Reduce ER Visits

Automatically flag patients who are at higher risk of complications.

Better Outcomes

Track your patients throughout 90 days to achieve the best possible health outcomes.

Improve Patient Experience

Game mechanics and user-friendly interface makes it easy to follow up with patients.

Data for Reimbursement

All the data and metrics you need can be easily exported for reimbursement.

Patient Navigator

Increase patient engagement and improve outcomes by having our navigator tool guide them throughout the treatment journey. Compatible with BPCI and CJR programs.

For the Patients

Information at their fingertips

Rather than leaving the clinic with a stack of papers, the patient can access our medical library written at Grade-8 English level for easy comprehension on their mobile phone.

Timely reminders

Notify the patient about their upcoming blood test, to start NPO, and even a map on how to get to surgery.

Connected journey

Caregivers are given access to patient information and patients can communicate with their careteam through a chat channel on their mobile.

For the Providers

Custom Care Path

Design multiple care paths for stratified patients along the full episode of care.

Navigator Alerts

Flag all patients who require extra attention to catch complications before they go into ER.

Track progress

Track patients’ progress in between visits and proactively intervene where necessary.