Our Story

When Dr. Sean Adelman reached out to a couple of game engineers in 2014, he was looking for a digital tool to engage his patients but found existing tools produced a sub-par patient experience or were too cumbersome for a busy physician like Sean to use. He wanted to build a new tool that would be easy to use for professional like himself, and captivate the patients he was trying to reach.


Ratchet is a product of this collaboration between a forward-thinking physician and a team of engineers striving to build intuitive clinical software. Even our name “Ratchet” is inspired by the chief medic Autobot in Transformers!


 Our patient engagement platform utilizes game mechanics for best patient and clinician experience while providing the flexibility to customize to the clinician’s practice.

Meet the team behind Ratchet Health

Winston Ng

CEO & Co-founder

Winston currently drives business development and oversee product development.  Prior to starting Ratchet Health, Winston was a Group Technical Director at Electronic Arts and has an extensive background in the digital game industry, leading the architecture and development of digital distribution and online game services platform.

Shawn MacIntyre

CTO & Co-founder

Shawn is the technology guru who architected the system that powers our Patient Engagement Platform.  Prior to co-finding Ratchet Health, Shawn was a Technical Director at Electronic Arts, leading the architecture for EASports with local and global teams.

Sean Adelman – MD

Medical Advisor (Orthopedic)

Dr. Adelman is our platform evangelist who provides the team with a unique perspective in creating our Patient Engagement Platform.  Sean, a veteran orthopedic surgeon, proudly served as Chief of Orthopedics in the US Air Force and was also voted as Seattle’s Best Doctors for two consecutive years.

Timothy Dewhurst – MD

Medical Advisor (Cardiology)

Dr. Dewhurst is known for prioritizing evidence based care and quality of life to ensure positive outcomes for his patients. He was voted by his peers into the Seattle “Top Doctors” list for multiple years and  serves as the Governor for the Washington Chapter of the American College of Cardiologists.

Bill Huang – MD

Medical Advisor (Orthopedic)

Dr. Huang bring his expertise from Everett Bone and Joint as well as his commitment to cutting edge quality care for his joint patients. Beyond his surgical work, Dr. Huang acts as the principle investigator of several FDA clinical trials currently underway. We’re excited to have him join Dr. Sean Adelman as our second orthopedic surgeon on the team.

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